Ear to the Earth

Albany, New York USA
  • Copyright Joel Chadabe / E2E Editions
  • Copyright Joel Chadabe / E2E Editions

A program of Electronic Music Foundation (EMF), Ear to the Earth is an annual festival and worldwide virtual network that is based on the idea that listening to the sounds of the environment can engage people with the world. As our friend Mark Moffett wrote, "Modern ecologists may have reached a limit on how effectively they can convey messages to the public, and they may now need to draw upon the emotional vibrancy offered by the arts."

EMF has been producing Ear to the Earth festivals since 2006. The Ear to the Earth network has grown out of those festivals to address our urgent concern for the environment and the future of the earth.

Our goals are to create a model for concerns about the world and to use the power of publicity to inspire ongoing dialog, encourage and promote collaborative events around the world, and swing public opinion towards the need for decisive pro-environment action.


If you share that concern, whatever the style or nature of your work, or whatever the instrument you play or the medium in which you compose, create or perform, please join us as a member of Artists for the Environment. Even if you're not an artist, the network will be all the stronger if you join as a concerned person.

We want to include your name, home country, and identifying description. We'll post your sounds as part of a worldwide exchange, and we'll include statements, editorials, images, sound files, videos, links, and blogs. We want to make your work known and understood within an environmental context. We want to project awareness and humanity from the worldwide community of artists.