Welcome to MAP - Make Art with Purpose, an organization and virtual resource center for creative projects that are shaping and transforming our world in positive ways. MAP exists to inspire learning, creativity, and hope. We advance models for producing art that are rooted in consciousness and include ideas for positive environmental and social change. The artists and organizations on this website contribute to the vitality of our communities and culture. They are visionaries and fire-starters, whose work and ideas expand our own thinking and inspire us by demonstrating what all is possible when art is used as a means for change.

The MAP website has been produced with an open, inclusive spirit. Each project includes how-to guidelines that will help you to replicate similar projects in your own communities. Through our blog, we will share information about how people throughout the world have adapted these how-to plans, as well as updates about the artists and their projects, and details about the programs being produced by MAP and our partners.


In addition to this website, MAP produces exhibitions, conferences, and other public programs that provide a means for people to foster positive change in their own communities. MAP projects will include: artists and communities as partners in the production of the work; direct engagement of the audience to participate beyond the role of passive observer; and invitation for creative collaboration from scientists, business leaders, government agencies, NGOs, and other individuals and organizations throughout the world.


Founded on the belief that artists have the knowledge and skills to make positive and lasting change, MAP aims to make a constructive contribution to the world by sharing this information and by providing opportunities for collaboration and exchange. We extend an open invitation to participate by contacting us with your thoughts and ideas for making art with purpose.


Janeil Engelstad, Founding Director