Theo Rigby


Photograph by Katina Papson


Theo Rigby is a freelance Documentary filmmaker and photographer based out of San Francisco. He creates social and political documentary projects with still and moving images. Theo has focused on topics ranging from the war in Iraq, to incarceration, and most recently, immigration in the U.S. His first film, My First War, about the first 44 days of the war in Iraq, won awards and was accepted in numerous festivals. His short film Close to Home was a National Finalist in the 2009 Student Academy Awards, won a Golden Eagle Award, special Jury mention at the 2010 Ashland Independent film festival and has been accepted into more than a dozen film festivals. Theo has shot still photographs for Newsweek, The New York Times, National Geographic France, People magazine, and many other National and International publications. His still photographic work has been exhibited at San Francisco City Hall, and at the 2005 Visa Pour L’Image festival in Perpignan, France. Theo also has a passion for education and has taught undergraduate documentary photography, as well as starting and directing an after-school digital storytelling program for immigrant youth in San Francisco. He recently graduated with a M.F.A. in Documentary Film from Stanford University.