Carl Scrase


  • copyright: Carl Scrase
  • copyright: Carl Scrase

Increasingly frustrated with the semantics of the label ‘artist’ and the conceptual boundaries of aiming to make 'Art'– Carl Scrase reformed his personal creative practice in 2010 into an organization - the Social Engineering Research Initiative (S.E.R.I.)



S.E.R.I. will build upon the Beauysian concept of ‘social sculpture’; creating far reaching positive systemic change - or ‘social engineering’. S.E.R.I. Is founded on the belief that the invent of new tools such as the World Wide Web can be used to enable humanity to reach a more empathic level of awareness. 



The mission of S.E.R.I. is as follows: 


               •S.E.R.I. Will ask questions, and listen carefully to the responses.


               •S.E.R.I. Will transcend dogmatic perceptions that are harming humanity.


               •S.E.R.I. Will communicate with honesty, integrity and transparency. 


               •S.E.R.I. Will aim to bring about a world where disparity is deplorable. 


               •S.E.R.I. Will help to create a more empathic world. 



If you would like more information or would like to collaborate on bringing about a more empathic world, please contact or visit