Rebecca Carter


Small Gestures
Dallas, Texas USA
  • © Rebecca Carter
  • © Rebecca Carter

The signage works are a bridging of an intensely interior reception and analysis of the world into a public arena.  The sentiment behind the works is cooled through the various modes of presentation.  There is a tension between the desire and the ability to act.  These various works exist in spaces subliminal to the art world. A private statement about dreams, real estate and insomnia is posted in the guise of a real estate sign in the front yard of the artist’s house.  A very private and personal valediction to a personal letter is enlarged several hundred percent to become a neon sign.  Text from that same letter is fragmented and reconstructed and posted as thread drawings on the walls in the corridor by the library in a community college in Texas. I’m interested in the relationship between these pieces and the signage often present in this hallway, signage that encourages passersby to improve their lot in life through participating in community college.