Rebecca Carter


"Develop Style" installation at Eastfield College, Mesquite, Texas © Rebecca Carter



This project is deceptively simple and can be repeated at will.
Take a walk. Change your perspective. See something new. Feel something new.  Have a new thought. Understand differently something you think you already know.
This is a project you can do right now. You can do it anywhere. You can do it in any increment of time. A one minute walk across your home or workplace could present equal opportunity for transformation as a day long trek in a foreign land if you leverage your intention. The main tool is yourself in space. A camera or pen and paper or computer or smartphone might be helpful to document your experience.  
Take yourself for a walk. You decide where. As you start your walk, set your intention to pay attention. What comes up for you? What do you see? What do you feel? What thoughts come through your mind?
Photograph something you notice. When the walk is complete, write notes to yourself about the experience or make a drawing.
If you are confined to a room, you can still walk that space with intention. If you are non-mobile, you can project yourself in space through imagination. The important thing is the intention to pay attention and be mindful of what you are experiencing. To shift out of your everyday mindset for a period of time. 
To complete the project, upload your documentation to the website*.  The documentation could take the form of  a photograph or series of photographs, a video, a drawing, and/or text. Ideally the documentation is fun, captures a moment of insight, inspiration, or joy. The documentation might be factual or poetic, concrete or abstract.
If you like, repeat this project at a regular interval:  daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
  • necessary:   yourself & a space
  • optional:  a camera, pen and paper, a computer with internet access
  1. decide when you will do the walk and how much time you will have for the experience
  2. decide where you will do the project
  3. when it is time, gather your tools and start walking
  4. as you begin set your intention that you will pay attention
  5. keep going and be aware of what you notice
  6. photograph something that you notice
  7. when the walk is complete
  8. write your self a note about what you experienced
  9. to fully complete the project, find a computer with internet access where you can email your results to and It will be posted on the website.  ** coming soon **