Mick Lorusso


Mick Lorusso, Biodiamond Energy


Mick Lorusso has exhibited his work and produced art–science projects throughout North America and Europe. In 2012, he participated in PLAND /ISEA 2012 Machine Wildnerness (Taos, NM) and produced “The Light of Microbial Schöppingen, for the Kraftwerk Kunstlerdorf in Schöppingen, Germany in collaboration with scientists from LabMET in Ghent, Belgium. He has worked with various artists, including Buster Simpson and Steve Wood, and has participated in public art projects that range from mural painting, community mosaic work, and interactive works that function as ecological indicators and symbolic beacons. He has an MFA from the sculpture program at San Francisco Art Institute and a BA in Studio Art from Colorado College, in Colorado Springs. Lorusso uses drawing, sculpture, and urban intervention to forge a bridge between visual insights of the mind and the world of daily phenomena.