Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga


Collage from Breaking News. Photograph by Jayne Hughes


Breaking News Workshop




How do news headlines tell stories?

A story can be understood for purposes of this case in the broadest terms, as an

account of people and events. Making the connection between headline news and

stories is a potent way to begin recognizing how stories are all around us.

With headlines and photos, students can take clues from what they observe about

the news and use their imaginations to conjure up stories that fit.




 To creatively investigate how children digest current events disseminated

by news sources. This workshop will revolve around the newspaper as a

form of news dissemination. How do they view the headlines, what

information do they retain, how is it digested and finally how is it

envisioned by them?

 The workshop will also ask participants what is news and where does the

news come from... what are primary sources for news in the lives of

children ‐ evening televised news? the Internet? other sources? To develop

other workshops.



Supplies for each student;

 One sheet of colored 11" x 14"construction paper

 Six sheets of plain 11" x 14" white paper for interior pages

 Five sheets of plain 8.5” x 11” white paper

 String or yarn

 Hole punch

 Glue







Over the next few hours, I'm going to work with you to decode the news!

Can anyone tell me what I mean by "decode"? Most things that are organized and

produced for the public have been designed to work and understood a certain way,

and this is also true for the news. The news is organized in a manner so that people

may quickly want to read it ‐ be attracted to it and then want to learn about current