James Reed


Collaboratively developed with Shelley Sacks as a creative initiative of the Social Sculpture Research Unit.
Portland, Oregon USA
  • photograph by James Reed
  • photograph by cultura 21
  • photograph by James Reed
  • Photograph by James Reed
  • Photograph by Stelios Manganis
  • Photograph by Nadine Josche

The Agents of Change (AOC) project, is an international Social Sculpture


Intervention engaging communities affected by ocean levels rising 10ft by year 2107 because of Climate Change.



AOC is a trans-disciplinary thought space transcending the boundaries of Art and life that makes whole, through re-thinking and re-shaping the generators of the disconnection of communities, fragmented dreams, and real fears that are emerging as a result of the Ecological Crises. AOC facilitates and enables the development of aesthetic methodologies for shaping a New Mode of Consciousness (Goethe) and activating the transformative potential of culture through collectively engaging with unseen deep cultural urges - engagement, shared responsibility and interdependency.



AOC has been developed from the inquiry of Joseph Beuys (Expanded Concept of Art) and Shelley Sacks (Director of the Social Sculpture Research Unit (SSRU)) into developing 'New Organs of Perception' (Brent Dean Robbins (2005) as the ability to respond and 'sense-ability' needed for shaping and sustaining a 'Cultural Therapeutics' (Robert Romanyshyn (1985) and Michael Sipiora (1999)). AOC is a creative initiative of the SSRU, having emerged from the collaboration between Shelley Sacks and James Reed. AOC embodies the intention of Social Sculpture to be the work needed for shaping an Ecologically Sustainable future. AOC is an expanded concept of art in the form of a deep collective aesthetic education methodology which activates our' ability to respond' (Sacks) as Agents of Change in the Ecological Crises.



The ability to respond is researched and developed collectively within this framework through Deep Thought, Listening and actively engaging with sensual knowing and shaping initiatives. The AOC seen and unseen aesthetic practice based methodology activates and generates a sustainable practice of internal dialoguing which depends on being informed by consciously working with the development of New Organs of Perception through valuable exchanges between all living beings.



AOC has the potential of becoming a 'Green Job' through an International demand for shaping a New Mode of Consciousness.



AOC 'Kit Work'

This aesthetic methodology is made up of reflective group conversations and research apparatus used 'on-site'.

'On Site', 10 AOC (kitted out) stand along the oceans edge, reflecting quietly on their concerns and issues, in a public space. The 10 kits include life vests, ten foot high water measure sticks (indicating the level of the ocean in 2107), and a small journal. AOC gather with local practicing AOC and reflect and discuss in an exchange platform.