James Reed


Agents of Change, San Francisco, CA Photograph by James Reed


AOC Participation

All interested people are invited to participate in AOC in their own communities and continue to shape the work locally.



The following methods can be used:

Invite James Reed to your community

Send a representative to an AOC intervention taking place in a different community

Skype and Email contact with James Reed



Here is an Agents of Change process that you can begin with to shape an Agents of Change process, as part of a group of interested people, in your community.

Shape an Agents of Change process for yourself over a three month period.

Begin a journal and keep on responding to the questions below, as you develop more thoughts, over the three month period, to them.

Take regular walks along a river or ocean and consider these questions and the thoughts that emerge, note these thoughts in your journal.

Journal the dreams you are having while you are in this process and reflect on them in relation to the thoughts you are having in this process.



Once you have experienced this three month process, Invite other interested people to begin this process too. Once every one has experienced this process, start a discussion group and reflect on your experiences every two weeks for the next three months. Journal everything that emerges for you from this discussion process.



List experiences that have given you a deep sense of value, worth and meaning.

List insights for ways of being that have emerged from these experiences of deep value.

When have you experienced deep listening, for example a profound insight?

List what you think you have experienced as your agency of change and how you have grown this in your life?

List experiences that have caused you deep pain, be it moments or life long experiences?

How have you learnt from these experiences of pain ?

How have these deep learning experiences from pain transformed your life?

How have you shaped a high experience of integrity, self worth, meaning and quality of life in your life?

What has taken away from your experience of living with a sense of integrity, self worth, meaning and quality of life for you?

What is the potential, of your experience of this high quality of life, expanding into the world and shaping a new way of being?



Agents of Change contact information:


E-mail: http://agentsofchangeproject@gmail.com

Skype: jsquared.james