Julie Troost


Photograph by Jeremiah Geiman ©2011JulieTroost


We are all connected.  Love, kindness, and forgiveness flows through each one of us.  Unfortunately, Hatred and violence also become tangible through us. Wars, atrocities, and pain result from our human actions. What influence do we want our lives to have on the people and the world around us? H U G counteracts the early seeds of resentment and pain before they grow into larger societal conflicts and wars. It demonstrates the impact of the small acts of kindness we often take for granted.  When these small acts are repeated and multiplied, they foster larger social change.


H U G depends on your participation.


There are many ways to join this movement of compassion:


1. Take Action in Your Community as Part of H U G  in personal spaces

Plan a H U G in personal spaces intervention in order to expand H U G's global reach. Share the documentation of your intervention as part of H U G's future online gallery for the world to witness compassion in action. Shared photographs and videos of poignant moments of healing in homes, offices, and many other personal spaces will multiply the impact of these interventions. Plan as many H U G events as you like. Invite your friends and family to do the same. Join in this collective action and generate hope for people all over the world.


            What you need for your H U G intervention:

            a memory to heal

            the scarred site where the memory was generated

            at least two people to hug

            a person (or people) who will take photographs for you

            a person who can film or videotape for you (optional)


            Instructions for your H U G intervention:

            First spend time at your site in silence.

            Maintain this silence throughout the intervention.

            Embrace in pairs at the scarred site much longer than you might normally hug someone.

            Photograph and film all that you do.

            Remain in silence until you exit the site.

            Submit your H U G details and documentation to hugperformance@gmail.com            

            Share your contribution to the H U G website with your community.


            Submissions to the future H U G in personal spaces website should include:

            The detailed memory you have healed and the relationships of participants to that memory

            A description of the scarred site you have healed

            The photographs and video/film footage taken of your event

            The names of all huggers, photographer(s) and videographer(s) as they would like to be credited  

            Any other details about your intervention you would like to share



2. Suggest Public Sites
Help us continue to spread a message of hope and human connection around the world. Suggest international sites of genocide, war, disaster, and conflict where you would like to see H U G promote peace, healing, and forgiveness. Suggest an event with a worthy cause or invite H U G to a memorial service.

3. Suggest Personal Spaces

Submit a particular space that holds your negative or painful memories. Perhaps there is a location you are uncomfortable returning to because of the memory of something that happened there. Some examples might include: a loved one's passing, something you regret, something that begs your forgiveness, a conflict, a violent act, or a negative or painful experience. Let H U G heal your negative memories by creating a new memory of hope for you.


4. Attend an Event

Take action toward compassion and attend a H U G event. Your presence is a vital part of this movement.


5. Watch the Film

Email hugperformance@gmail.com if you would like to view the 20 minute film online.  The film was created from the footage of the first H U G installation at eleven sites on New York City streets. There is no fee to view.


6. Become A Community Supporter

Let others know you believe in H U G's mission to encourage compassion in the world.  Help spread the word about performances and events by forwarding email announcements about H U G to your friends and posting information on your social networking pages. Your name will be listed on H U G's materials. The time commitment is minimal but the impact is significant.


7. Share Your Personal Actions
Share the ways H U G has affected your life and inspire others to do the same. How you have been inspired to cultivate more compassion in your daily life? If you attended a performance of H U G, submitted a memory to be healed, watched the film, or even just read about H U G, share positive changes you have enacted to inspire others.


Please email all submissions, comments, and questions to hugperformance@gmail.com