Oto Hudec


Oto Hudec


Multi-media artist Oto Hudec was born in Košice, Slovakia. His paintings, drawings, and prints explore both personal and social themes. He also creates video, animations, sculptures, and works for public spaces about immigration, refugees and the impact of globalization on the environment. In his most recent work, Oto Hudec has become interested in ecological living, food production, and sustainability. But rather than searching for new scientific solutions, he is more concerned with indigenous and nomadic communities that have achieved this balance. Hudec´s artwork aims to serve as an amplifier that makes the voice of these communities louder. These ecological and social themes in Hudec´s work brought him a finalist nomination for Oskár Čepan prize, a Young Visual Artist Award in Slovakia, 2012. He exhibited a piece If I had a River, 5m long model of a boat with living plants, a utopic survival unit. His installation Nomadia in Gandy Gallery served as an unusual museum of tents of nomadic nations and protest movements, with its continuation in large mural inside of Mutuo Centro Cultural, Barcelona in 2013. The same year, together with Slovak artist Daniela Krajčová, Hudec started Projekt Karavan, which is based on creating short animations and movies in and in front of specially equipped caravan together with young Roma population in Slovakia. Another cooperation, this time with traditional Slovak carpet weaver resulted in a work Slov Motors, an installation of flying carpet of imaginary Slovak vehicle brand. In November 2013, Oto Hudec installed an Instrument for Listening in Belo Monte Park in Dallas, as a public sculpture about city's Latino community and developed as a part of MAP 2013, co-produced by Make Art with Purpose. In 2014, he created a bee house in form of a space capsule in Dubravica, Slovakia, as a project for art residency Periferne Centra. He also created several works as commentary on South Korean reality as a residence at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea. As an ongoing project, Oto Hudec is creating work about women working with traditional ceramics in Trás di Munti, a village on Santiago Island of Cabeverdes and Cabverdian immigrants in Lisbon.


Oto Hudec graduated as Master of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia. He is a member of creative team MAP - Make Art with Purpose, an international platform and triennial for art that creates change. He is represented by Gandy gallery. He lives in Bratislava and Košice.


Web: www.fishisflying.blogspot.com

E-mail: oto.hudec@gmail.com