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MAP showing V4 countries

The Visegrad Group (V4) is an informal grouping of four central European countries – the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, and the Republic of Poland. The name of the Group is derived, and the place of meeting selected, from a meeting of the Bohemian, Polish, and Hungarian rulers in Visegrád in 1335. Charles I of Hungary, Casimir III of Poland and John of Bohemia agreed to create new commercial routes to bypass the staple port Vienna and obtain easier access to other European markets. A second meeting took place in 1339, where the new king of Poland was decided upon.After a set of successive elections of conservative go, Central European countries have slid toward a new, alarming political order, characterized by weak governments, polarized societies and tension beyond frontiers. The whole region has been swept by populism underpinned by nationalism.


To read an op-ed piece about the rise in Nationalism throughout Europe visit the Council of Foreign Relations website at: /