Daria Faïn and Robert Kocik


New York, New York USA


The Prosodic Body is an area of research that explores language as a vibratory medium that interrelates art, health, and social change. Prosody is the sound of language. Prosody is the communicative, musical aspect of language as distinct from the literal meaning of the words (intonation, pause, cadence, pitch.) Prosody is all that language communicates which the words don’t literally say (the unsaid, implied, tacit, suggested).


In collaboration with various practitioners, including composers, linguists, poets, neurologists, cognitive scientists, and molecular biologists, Fain and Kocik produce conferences, classes, workshops, lectures, interviews, demonstrations, and expositions that explore, perform, and present the project themes. These events are sometimes recognizable choreographies, poetry readings, art exhibitions, architectures, and sometimes unrecognizable as such.


The Prosodic Body channels information from a panoply of practices in order to make of itself a vital offering.  The Prosodic Body situates itself in the long and illustrious history of the regenerative arts—beginning with the Yellow Emperor and running through Gilgamesh, Taoist internal alchemy, the Desert Fathers, Carl Jung, and up to present-day genetics.