Daria Faïn and Robert Kocik

About Location

Left hemisphere, cerebral cortex. (Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology, Seeley et al.


The hypothalamus and the pineal gland are located on top of our vocal apparatus. In a vibratory way, they completely connect our organs with the center of speech. Vocalization is the lower part of the neurohormonal center of the body and if you’re engaged with prosody you cant ignore that! It is the amazing way that we’re built. The sounds that we work with inhabit and activate this cavity of the body At the same time, we also rely upon and use many guides, such as the Vedic tradition, that knew a lot about sound and how it works in the body (e.g. the oral recitation of Vedic hymns that were designed to treat sickness, complete ritual, guide ethics, or re-tune being).


We work in a very experimental context, meeting with people who want to be in the workshops or performances because of the type of work that we are doing. It is a very open situation. The participants become composers with the material. There is no pressure to perform or even to know what is going on. We are opening up and discovering what sound does in the body and how it changes the energy in the space that we all inhabit.