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Sahrawi women and children, by Robin Kahn

Western Sahara, formerly the Spanish Sahara, is Africa's last colony. Rejecting the United Nation's resolution to decolonize and the International Court of Justice's call for a referendum on self-determination for the indigenous Sawrawi people, Spain instead granted sovereignty over the territory to Morocco and Maurtania. Today, more than 150,000 Sahrawis are exiled in refugee camps in Algeria, and over 100,000 more suffer oppression inside their homeland.




Great Music sung by Sahrawi musicians/ freedom fighters

Most everyone in Western Sahara knows these songs and sings them:

 Athamana Yirahana- great introduction music,

Mariem Hassan Shouka the thorn…Mariam singing a response to Felipe Gonzales’ sppech in 1976 in the Sahrawi camps one year after the Moroccan invasion.  Her 2011 response to his betrayal in the place where he first sang.

Mariem Hassan “The necessity of freeing my country must happen in my mind.” Hassan drumming intro

Mariem Hassan with jazzy electric guitars singing

records Sahrawi music by women and children from the camps helping them make a viable industry of their arts.

Artist: Naci Baysu Sings Afak Ya Aminetu- La Luchadora Saharaui

music with videos of Aminetu Haidar/hunger strike, her supporters other victims of human rights abuses    6:36

Moakara and Estrella Polisaria playing at Tifariti 2009

Yahuti Sahara

Present day


Movie footage:

trailer for Javier Bardem’s film Hijo de las Nubes: La Ultima Colonia (Sons of the Clouds) filmed during his 2008 stay in the camps and debuted at Berlin Film Festival 2012

Saharauis: los ojos del desierto  images of the camps, people living there, Paleolithic paintings in Erquellez,

Preservation of art and culture


Western Sahara videos in English




Lalia:  La Fuga del Infierno: 1975-76  (RASD/Polisario; DVD 18’)

Original footage of the exodus  (Spanish only)




Children of the Clouds (Venezuelan dir: Carlos Gonzalez; Alucine films, 2007)

Re: oppression of Sahrawi students of all ages.  Filmed in El Aaiun, late-May-June 2006  (16’30”  DVD; Music Mariem Hassan)  (part 1 only: 8’ 23”)  (part 2 only; 8’31”)


The Problem (2010; English subtitles)

Trailer for 'El Problema: testimony of the Saharawi people'
a documentary by Jordi Ferrer y Pablo Vidal
to learn more please visit
produced by Producciones Mundodoc




Democracy Now!

Western Saharan Activist Aminatou Haidar Demands Return to Occupied (Mouloud Said, Marselha, Stephen Zunes, etal)

(51 min.)


Homeland 1 of 3: 10 min.


Silent Sahara Rising – Morocco (12 min.)

JourneymanTV: may 30, 2011