E.G. Crichton


International / Based in San Francisco

Migrating Archives includes poignant and evocative archival material from collections in Australia, Belgium, England, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Scotland, South Africa, and the United States. E.G. Crichton partnered with organizations in each of these countries to collect photographs of artifacts that portray the experiences of LGBT individuals from the past. Many of these individuals lived in hostile environments with the fear of being arrested and sent to prison or even killed because of their sexuality. The Migrating Archives project is documenting and sharing the history of LGBT people from around the world. 


“My idea is to put materials that are precious to each collection into motion as they become guests and hosts, sometimes crossing national borders more easily than individuals can,” notes Crichton. “For people whose traces are so often erased even by our biological families, omitted from official histories, or just lost, archives are a way of creating our own lineage. Migrating Archives is designed to both demonstrate and inspire this vital process of historical self-creation.” (From an interview on the GLBT Historical Society, based in San Francisco, website, where E.G. Crichton is an artist-in-residence).