E.G. Crichton

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Mga Sinupang Lagalag (from Wandering Archives), 2011

"As diverse as the archives and organizations are, I'm struck by how familiar the stories seem. Some represent famous or infamous people from over a century ago: Oscar Wilde's petition to the court from 1896 or a document from 1891 noting that an individual convicted of sodomy "committed suicide by taking poison in the prison cell passage immediately after sentencing." Others seem more like us, now: Monte Punshon, who came out at the age of 103 in Australia; Beverly Ditsie, an activist lesbian in South Africa; Sándor/Sarolta Vay who lived as a man in Hungary; Stefano Casagrande, who died of AIDS in Italy. Their lives are fascinating in their own right, and they take us outside our local world to make imaginative connections with queer communities in other times and places."


From an interview on the GLBT Historical Society, based in San Francisco, website where E.G. Crichton is an artist-in-residence