E.G. Crichton




E.G. Crichton uses a range of art strategies to explore social issues, history, and site-specific subject matter. In her work, she makes use of a range of art strategies, mediums, and technologies to explore social issues and specific histories. Archives of one kind or another serve as both starting point and infrastructure, and creative collaboration across disciplines is often a critical component. Her work unfolds in particular communities where she plays a multi-faceted role as maker, social catalyst, researcher, detective, and even matchmaker.


She often works within community settings and collaborates across disciplines with performers, writers, scientists, and composers, to name a few. Her work has been exhibited in art institutions and as public installations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and across the U.S.  She is a professor in the Art Department at University of California Santa Cruz and the first Artist-in-Residence for the GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco.