lauren woods

About Location

Dallas County Courthouse

A Dallas Drinking Fountain Project utilizes the residue from the “White Only” sign to activate a public conversation in Dallas/Fort Worth on racial justice.  The project wants to shine a bright light on not only national efforts but historical actions in DFW as well and by doing so join the larger U.S. movement that is currently examining contemporary public interactions that reveal the residue of racial segregation.  The re-revealing of the Jim Crow sign becomes a poignant metaphor as racism and denial of civil rights continue to exist at the structural level in present society.


The unveiling of the monument in 2013, in cooperation with The Dallas County Commissioners Court, aligned with the 50th anniversary of many important actions that became known as The U.S. Civil Rights Movement and was one week prior to the city’s event that honored of the memory of John F. Kennedy and the anniversary of his death in November 1963.