Bronwyn Lace and Marcus Neustetter


Photo from Sutherland Reflection, courtesy of Lace & Neustetter




•    13-gallon (49-liter) plastic trash bag (white bags are best for decorating)

•    Two wooden dowels or straight sticks, one 24 inches (60.96 cm) long, the other 20 inches (50 cm) long.

•    Scissors

•    String or fishing line

•    Ruler

•    Clear packing tape

•    Ribbon and permanent markers for additional decoration




1. Cut open the trash bag to form a flat plastic sheet.


2. Measure six inches (15.24 cm) down on the long stick and make a mark. Lay the short stick at the mark and form a "t" or cross shape. Tie the sticks together and use some tape if necessary.


3. Put the sticks down on the trash bag and use your ruler to draw a line around the frame from the top stick to the side and then down to the bottom point. Use your ruler to continue the outline on the other side of the t-shape. It should look like a diamond. Cut your diamond two inches (5 cm) wider than your diamond pattern.


4. Lay the sticks on the plastic diamond shape and fold the edges over the stick frame and tape it down. Turn the kite over and decorate it using your markers.


5. Cut a piece of string 20 inches (50-cm) long. Poke holes in the top and bottom of the kite and tie the string in a knot in the top and bottom holes (if necessary, use some tape to keep it secure). Then tie on the rest of your string to the middle of the string. 


6. Tape the ribbon to the bottom of the kite to create a tail for your kite. 


7. On a windy day, take your kite outside and start running, holding tightly onto the kite string. Keep your kite away from power lines and trees.