Colombik Studios


Abilene, Texas


More Life in a Time Without Boundaries 

The Grace Museum, Abilene, TX

Colombik Studios: Roger Colombik & Jerolyn Bahm-Colombik


More Life in a Time Without Boundaries seeks to build a foundation for visual literacy and cultural inclusion for the many international refugees who now call Abilene home. Located in the western region of the state, the city has long been identified for its conservative and religious values amongst its predominantly Caucasian populace. Since 2004 over one thousand families from global conflict zones, primarily Congo, Burundi, Iraq and Afghanistan have been resettled in Abilene through the intervention of the International Rescue Committee. People who have long survived in the most inhumane of conditions have discovered a profound sense of home in Abilene.


Our work seeks to convey the important contributions that these individuals are having upon the community. Through exhibitions, publications and a series of programs with the Grace Museum we intend to assist the refugee community in becoming an integral part of the cultural life of the city. Special emphasis is being placed on participatory programs for the children at the Children’s Museum (within the Grace). A wide range of visual and literary activities are being developed to bring together this ever diversifying community in novel ways that reaffirm the fundamental principles of human dignity and kindness towards one another.


Project made possible through funding from the Grace Museum and in collaboration with International Rescue Committee.