Colombik Studios



Roger Colombik and Jerolyn Bahm-Colombik live in the Texas Hill Country with their rat terrier and a never-ending parade of wildlife. They have collaborated on a wide range of projects that include large-scale public sculpture and social practice based works with an emphasis on cultural identity.  Their sculptural works create visual environments that soften the flight of time for the viewer. They have completed several projects in Texas including The Miller Library in Beaumont, Austin’s 2nd St. Redevelopment Project and Embassy Suites Hotel in San Marcos. 


They have spent several years experiencing the post-Soviet/post Berlin Wall hangover that has destabilized several countries in their attempt to become civil societies.  Video, still photography and oral histories are collected in milieus where traditions and cultural heritage have collided head-on with westernization and government malfeasance.  Major public projects have been undertaken in Republic of Georgia, Armenia and Romania where the focus was to promote community dialogue on issues of emigration, education and communal memory. Roger’s book, A Quiet Divide (Plain View Press, 2006) is a collection of poetry, prose and photography examining the undercurrents of ethnic conflict in Eastern Europe and the Mid-East. His Burma Project was featured in Public Art Review, Summer 2015 Issue.