A MAP Project

Lets Talk

  • Photograph by Janeil Engelstad

Make Art with Purposes’ (MAP) Let's Talk is a multi-part and multi-neighborhood project that offers people creative opportunities to express stories from their lives, experiences, and culture.With each Let’s Talk project MAP works with local organizations, artists, writers and community leaders to design and produce workshops that teach and support creative expression.  The mission of Let’s Talk is to provide a place where people are empowered to voice their stories, imaginations and ideas. In sharing these stories we aim to increase knowledge, understanding and empathy across communities and cultures. 

ISSUE #1 HABLEMOS, published Spring 2017

Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood is undergoing rapid development.  Family homes and a vibrant community are being replaced by slick apartment buildings that consume entire blocks.  In the process, Oak Cliff’s narrative is changing from one that is rich with historical and cultural traditions connected to people who have called Oak Cliff home for generations, to one of impersonal gentrification.  The first zine in Make Art with Purpose’s (MAP) Let’s Talk project, Hablemos expresses the energy and spirit of people connected to the roots of Oak Cliff.  The material for Hablemos was created in a series of drop-in workshops led by writer Ofelia Faz-Garza, photographer Raul Rodriguez and artist Giovanni Valderas.  Hablemos was designed and produced in partnership with Sunset Art Studios and with the participation of Oak Cliff Cultural Center and the Center for Creative Connections at the Dallas Museum of Art.