Robert Lawrence


copyright: Robert Lawrence

Not everyone can Tango, but we can all VuPango.


Tango Panopticon 2.0, on May Day 2010, was the first incidence of a live art event networked and supported on the Internet with multiple streams of live cell phone video broadcast synchronously from around the world. This was a fun and amazing event, but, perhaps more notably, a significant step in the ongoing democratization of media.  The open source software that I developed with Dr Adriana Iamnitchi and her student Michael Stillo, both of the USF School of Engineering, made this possible, and I am happy to share that free code, but implementing it is rather complicated.


To make this technology more readily available I recently completed, with USF College of the Arts Alum Joe Clay, a much simpler plug-in for the free open source blogging software WordPress. You can download VuPango free at:


You can then organize your own worldwide synchronous events supported on your blog or website with unlimited streams of live video, and have all locations shown in a map online. Video can come from cell phones or webcams anywhere in the world.  VuPango offers a democratic broadcasting power that previously was only in the hands of international corporations. I am delighted to make this free tool available to artists, performers, activists, or anyone creating worldwide events, and I am very eager to see what people can create with VuPango. If you do use it for a project please drop me an email and tell me how it goes. Start a revolution… and broadcast it.


-Ro Lawrence