Robert Lawrence

About Location

copyright: Robert Lawrence

Public space is in profound jeopardy. Municipality after municipality are passing laws regulating where you can take pictures and where you can’t, what you can do and what you can’t do, how many people you can do it with, etc.  It is a disturbing, creeping phenomenon that has been increasing since 9-11.  After the towers fell much of America indulged its fear essentially saying, “Yes, give us a police state. We would much rather have that than our freedoms, because our freedoms don’t protect us.” One consequence of this is an assault on the commons. Public space is managed by corporations and increasingly more oppressive government agencies. I am interested in actions that call attention to and oppose these tendencies. Part of my agenda with Tango Intervention is the reclaiming of public space for the public. Creating unexpected actions in the streets, on bridges, along river walks, Tango Intervention calls attention to the local hidden histories and the presumed uses and control of public space, and in this way open doors to transformation.