art, narrative, poetry

Chicago, Il USA


YoYoMagazine is a journal publishing art, narrative and poetry, and hybrid creations. Each two part issue is centered on a theme. YoYoMagazine is unique in that the structure is inherently conversational. They begin with a conversation among the editors, audio clips of which are posted to the website They then ask for contributions that extend their interpretations of the theme. They think of this first issue as the initial iteration: the Yo. The entire first issue becomes a call to all readers for responses. The second iteration, which are selected responses to the first issue, comprises the second Yo in YoYo. So often, one reads or sees something and thinks, I wish they knew about my work. The two part structure is intended to address that. While the editors are prepared to initiate conversations, they "are open and curious about where they might direct us".  

They are interested in all kinds of art, including that which can be easily categorized and that which defies labels; they publish a variety of poetry, sculpture, prose poetry, short fiction, flash fiction, myth, nonfiction, installations, photography, socially-engaged research, personal essays, editorials, and interdisciplinary creations. Their online format allows for creative display of multimedia and visual works.