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CULTURESHUTDOWN.NET is an initiative undertaken in response to the closing of several of Bosnia – Herzegovina’s most renowned cultural institutions, including the National Museum, the national Art Gallery and the National and University Library. The cause: the failure of the country’s complex administrative apparatus to ensure operations through the design of adequate funding mechanisms. The result is that now the most important collections of cultural artifacts from Bosnia-Herzegovina’s past and present will no longer be available or serve the University community or the public.


CULTURESHUTDOWN.NET aims to help resolve the crisis through the cultivation of a debate on the place and mission of cultural institutions in the life of Bosnia – Herzegovina on the theoretical as well as practical levels. Unconnected to a government or political party, this initiative intends to raise worldwide awareness about the problem though a variety of instruments and media, ranging from the provision of real-time information, and historical and theoretical contextualization, to art projects and the drafting of cultural policy recommendations. It seeks not to monopolize or dominate this debate but to provide an international platform for addressing this crisis in Bosnia’s cultural heritage, and by displaying a variety of projects that represent a wide spectrum of ideas and opinions.



CULTURESHUTDOWN.NET is calling for the international public to join a global debate and to seek solutions in order to help the country overcome its impasse. The problem is not only financial, but also structural. Hence, a good solution can only be the product of a focused debate.
 calls the public to:


• Visit and send your comments on the published texts to


• Send your critical reflection, opinion, statement, suggestion of a solution, information on operation models of similar institutions in other countries to (they suggest for you to read the Summary of Institutions’ Positions, and critical reflections published on the


• Send links to relevant articles, analyses and critical studies produced globally that could inspire solution of the crisis of cultural institutions in B&H


• calls for a constructive debate that will put an end to this crisis and save the cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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