The Mother Load

Creating Connections

Artist Mother / Mother Artist
Denton, Texas, USA


The Mother Load explores the relationship between being an artist and being a mother - and the dialog surrounding it both personally and professionally. Through an art installation and online conversation that networks with women from across the globe, this project will examine the perception of the word, what the roles are, and identify the artists who have made the decision to be a mother.


The Installation

The Mother Load will start with an installation of fingerprints from a network of artists. Packets including a small copper plate are being sent out to artists across the globe. Each artist is asked to leave their fingerprint and that of their child/ren on one side while the second side will display a QR code that points to their personal website, allowing viewers access to both sides of these artists. The print will oxidize over time, gradually revealing this form of identity - one that changes the moment you become a mother. The focus on the fingerprint ties this project back to the individual artists and the connection their hands have to their practice and their relationships. As artists are added to this project, the installation will grow and change in response.

The Conversation

The Conversation link found at will share participants' experiences, thoughts, and observations to continue the dialog in an interactive and evolving way. As a partner to and extension of the installation, we see this as a base for the evolution of The Mother Load, allowing these responses to inform the direction of the installation and future work.