MAP 2016

Use Your Voice


MAP 2016: Use Your Voice was a series of monthly pop-up events throughout North Texas engaging visual and performing artists around the theme, use your voice and was produced with generous support from ART CON, Dallas Public Library, The City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, Hoefer Wysocki Architecture, UTD CentralTrak and Individual Donors.


MAP invited the community to participate in free workshops, creating posters, zines, poetry, book bags and other visual material that are vehicles for expression and creativity. A primary mission of MAP 2016 was to connect people and ideas through the arts, across race, cultures, ethnicities and neighborhoods. 


The workshops were produced in and around the MAP Mobile Pavilion designed by Hoefer Wysocki Architecture. A making space and/or information hub by day, the Pavilion was used as a stage and performance space at night. In-between workshops and performances the Pavilion was a space for reading and conversation, where people can take and leave books in the tradition of Free Libraries.


Workshops included a poster making workshop to develop technical and creative skills that ignited the art of self-expression., a Spoken word workshop with Tro’Juan that explored the intersection of rhythm and language, and get thoughts, ideas and emotions out, and a Color and Zine Machine workshop with Lisa Huffaker produced in partnership with Oil and Cotton that had participants make and keep a quick color zine (handmade book) with repurposed paint sample cards as covers, among others. The Pavilion served also as a stage for performances from DaVerse Lounge - a spoken word, open mic and interactive art experience hosted by Will Ritchy and backed by Melody Memory, a 7 piece band led by Alejandro Perez Jr, serves as the house band, improvising behind the poets and playing original tunes, along with others.


“Valuing the importance of critical dialogue, events such the screening and performance of DJ Spooky’s remix of the infamous film, Birth of Nation, produced in partnership with Dallas VideoFest and Ignite Arts Dallas offered opportunities for reflection on diverse and challenging ideas about socially engaged art and its larger role in society. Opening conversations about artistic practice that addresses social concerns, such as race, our aim was to situate social practice within critical urban discourse and examine the interfaces between art and urbanism.”  


MAP 2016: Use Your Voice is the second edition of the Make Art with Purpose triennial. Where MAP 2013 was a large, international survey and investigation of socially engaged art, MAP 2016 was a nimble, grassroots undertaking that responds to the call for people to have experiences and outlets where they can express their thoughts and ideas in an inspiring atmosphere that amplifies light, positive voices and the value of having fun. Keeping an eye on the importance of critical thinking, exhibitions and events that offer opportunities for reflection and exchange of diverse and challenging ideas about socially engaged art and its role in society were interwoven throughout the MAP 2016 pop-ups. Program partners included C3 at the Dallas Museum of Art, The Mac, and Terrain Dallas.