Center for Sustainable Creativity

Horaždovice, Czech Republic


ArtMill lies in the heart of Central Europe, in the Bohemian countryside, on a lake, in the Czech Republic. Dating back to the 17th century, the 'Červeny mlýn' (Red Mill) is surrounded by agricultural land, and rolling hills. Under continual renovation, this family-run complex is forever expanding on the surrounding grounds, workshops and barn.


Fresh food from the garden and fields give the students lunch each day, as well as providing first hand experience in Agriculture, Herbal Lore and Crafts, and Organic Cooking. As the Mill is "green", we pass on this environmental awareness in every hour of the day at. All visitors have a chance to participate in a working farm, collecting eggs from the chickens or milking the goat, and interact with and draw the other animals that live there also: ponies, doves, dogs, cats and, of course, rabbits.



From May to October each year ArtMill provides programs for University Students, High School groups, and children with a variety of workshops, classes, and a summer camp. There are now four Artist-in-Residencies offered each summer, as well as retreats for cultural and environmentally based groups. A wide variety of classes are offered in Art, Music, Languages, and Dance, as well as Horseback riding, Swimming, and Photography, to name a few.



Bohemian Workshops, for University and High School groups, invites top artists from around the country, specializing in various fields, who are able to teach in the untraditional classrooms of ArtMill and pass on their craft, in the Renaissance Apprenticeship tradition of one-on-one. Professionals on retreats at ArtMill are reminded of the creative spirit that we all had as children, and can be rekindled again in a non-hierarchal environment.



The focus on languages at Art Mill encourages the cross-cultural aspect of our philosophy, preparing the youth for a future that reaches beyond national boundaries.  While English is the main language, we also offer Spanish, Czech, German, and French.



ArtMill Center for Sustainable Creativity allows the natural, effervescent imagination of all generations to have an opportunity to bloom, in beautiful surroundings. Students can move from one creative form of expression to another throughout the day, utilizing the Mill's fabulous facilities: children as well as adults may begin the day drawing, then pick carrots for the luncheon salad,  ride a horse in the afternoon, make a sound installation of huge rubber bands stretched around the lake, or create a stop-motion film with lit torches spelling out "thank-you" under the full moon. At the end of the day, they might have some feeling for the structural integrity of all creativity. And be thankful enough to sustain it after leaving ArtMill.